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Dear Comrades,

Our salary negotiations are reaching nowhere. Now it is time to react with all our might against this untenable stand of IBA. In this regard AIBOC, our apex Organisation, has issued guidelines.
We append below the AIBOC circular NO.66/2014 dated 9th October 2014 for the information and strict compliance of members.

Please ensure full participation in every agitational programmes.

With warm greetings,

Your's Comradely

S.D. Bali
(General Secretary)

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Text of AIBOC circular NO.66/2014                   Dated:09/102014

The 74th Executive Committee Meeting of our Confederation was held in emergent circumstances at New Delhi on 8th October, 2014. Despite the festive season, almost all the members of the Executive Committee attended the meeting to discuss the undue delay in the Salary Revision due to the apathy of the IBA and the Government of India. Though an elaborate report on the present International and National scenario covering the entire gamut of socio political, economic and banking scenario was presented by the General Secretary; the major thrust during the deliberations was on the Salary Revision exercise and a lot of concern was expressed by the rank and file of the Organisation, particularly from the younger generation.

The complete detail of the various rounds of discussions, including two major decisions taken during the discussions, were explained by the undersigned to the House and were appropriately substantiated by the President of the Confederation, Com. Y. Sudarshan, who also takes part in the negotiations. The House was unanimous in expressing their anger, anguish and resentment over the rigid and unjustified stand of the IBA and called upon the presidium to decide some effective and sustained agitational programme against IBA for denying the reasonable wage revision to the officers and employees and also for their apathy towards other justified demands like 5 days working and regulated working hours.

After the detailed discussions and after seeking the views of all the affiliates, it was decided that the action programme declared by the United Forum of Bank Unions on 26th September, 2014, should be strictly followed by all the affiliates of the Confederation. However, a deep concern was expressed over the delay in deciding the strike date. It was also stressed by the House that there is an urgent need for intensifying the agitation call in order to strengthen the movement for an early wage settlement. The House was of the view that one day strike will not serve the purpose and strike schedule should be fixed in such a way that the impact of the same is felt by IBA and the Government. Considering the views of the House, the following action programme was unanimously decided by the Executive Committee:

  • 10.10.2014 -Black Badge Wearing (All members must tie a black ribbon on the left arm)

  • 13.10.2014 -A massive rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and all State H.Q. at 5 p.m.

  • Withdrawal of extra cooperation” i.e. No late sitting beyond working hours / not attending the offices/official work on Sundays and holidays.
  • 17.10.2014 -Country wide protest demonstrations, jointly with UFBU constituents

  • Between 18.10.2014 & 31.10.2014 - One day dharna at all state capitals (Date shall be decided by the State Unit of UFBU)

  • 30.10.2014 -The Press Statements / Releases / Advertisements in newspapers to mark the second anniversary of submission of Charter of Demand & Massive rallies and demonstrations in all State Headquarters

  • It was also decided that AIBOC will persuade the other constituents of UFBU in the next meeting (scheduled for 13.10.2014 at Bangalore) to observe minimum 2 days strike in such a manner that its impact is felt by all the authorities concerned. The Executive Committee has nominated one Office Bearer for each State to coordinate the action programme with the respective State Secretaries and supervise the implementation of the programme.

    Comrades, we have approached other Officers Organisations also for the joint action programme and will continue our efforts for a continued and joint action programme by all the constituents of UFBU and in particular the other officers organization for the issues related to the officers. We are hopeful that they will convey their concurrence in this regard. Meanwhile, we call upon all of you to implement all the action programmes successfully as decided by the Confederation. All the State Secretaries are requested to coordinate the action programme with all the affiliates in their respective states and make the agitation programme a grand success.

    All the Office bearers, Co-ordinators and State Secretaries are also requested to ensure that the call for withdrawl of extra co-operation is implemented in its full spirit by all the affiliates.

                                              Long live our Unity!

    With Revolutionary greetings,

    General Secretary
    CLC(C) is holding conciliation proceedings on Two Day's strike notice given by UFBU at 11.30 AM on 06.02.2014 at New Delhi. Developments will be advised in due course. 

    In today's meeting (27.01.2014) IBA improved their offer from 9.5% to 10% which was rejected by Unions.UFBU decided to call for 2 day's strike on 10th and 11th February 2014.Circular follows. 

    IBA improved its initial offer to 9.5% on payslip cost and decided to hold next round of talks on 27th Jan. UFBU decided to defer the Strike dated 20th and 21st January 

    New Year Message From General Seceratary 
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